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Peter Kelly.

This is our profile on Peter Kelly. Scroll even further down to find works he has for sale

The Admiral


Peter has lived in the area for the past fourteen years and has started painting again after many years hiatus. He likes to depict his works in a cartoon-like manner. He mostly uses acrylic paint on canvas.

Peter has, for a long time now, been an avid explorer of the river, particularly the largely untouched stretch between Wisemans and Spencer. He likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain... Well, not so much getting caught in the rain. And if you gave me a Pina Colada over a pint of Royal Admiral I'd probably cry... Says Pete...

Below are some of Peters works for sale

Please be aware that delivery / postage is not included in the purchase price. Pickup or Delivery arrangements remain the responsibilty of the buyer.

Eye Claudius

Acrylic on Canvas, 127cm x 79cm


Eye Claudius

In The Mood Swing

Acrylic on Canvas, 58cm x 75cm.


In The Mood Swing

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